W  I  N  E     O  X  Y  G  E  N  A  T  O  R  

Proactive Decanter & Preservation System®

Out-Performs All Aerators with Pure Oxygen and...
Preserves remaining wine with Pure Argon


What WinePrO2® Users are Saying 

"The WinePrO2 is the best new wine tool in my arsenal.  Whenever I'm drinking a "big red wine" I use the WinePrO2 so that I can enjoy it more - it makes it softer and more fragrant; it makes it ready to drink."

Mollie Battenhouse MW,  National Director of Wine Education, Advanced Sommelier CMS

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New Wine Gadget a Breath of Fresh Air

"I'm a skeptic about most wine gadgets, but this won me over the first time I tried it ... this one seems to actually work." 
"Immediately the wine was more fragrant, the tannins softer, and the flavors more expressive. It was, literally, the equivalent of two hours of decanting."
"Give your wines the gas: they'll thank you for it."

— W. Blake Gray of Wine-Searcher —


The WinePrO2®  as a Proactive Decanter

W I N E  O X Y G E N A T O R 

A quantum leap in decanting technology, this is no aerator! Patented technology takes less than 1 second to achieve 2 to 3 hours of traditional decanting using pure Oxygen. Developed to dispel the subjectivity associated with "aerator devices", the WinePrO2® is backed with real data. Results that can be tasted Instantly!


The WinePrO2® as a Preservation System

With preservation cartridge installed, the user can extend the life of unfinished wine & spirits.  Simply dispense Argon gas to form a protective shield over the wine or spirits remaining in an unfinished bottle.  This is the same preservation technique used by wine makers and at professional wine bars and tasting rooms.

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Watch the WinePrO2® in Action

View our videos to learn more about how the WinePrO2 works and how to use it for your optimal taste enjoyment.

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